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The Kame

As you will see from the first few pages of this parody comics Bulma can handle cock of any size and she will make it to cum sooner than later. Yet if you happen to like some other female character more then just keep reading because more and mroe females of “Dragon Ball Z” series will be gladly joining this ‘satisfy-the-big-hard-cock-as-you-only-can’ maraphone including Chi Chi, Videl and Android 18!

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[Ymisex] Oolong’s Rent (Dragon Ball Z)

If there’s something that the old master Roshi would be more thrilled to see every daythen it would definitely be… an adoring pair of round, big boobies that are bouncing in front of his face, inviting him to join in on some fun! It doesn’t matter what these boobies belong to: Bulma or Chi-Chi, Videl or any other hottie in the “Dragon Ball Z” animated universe.

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[Monkees (YoungJiJii)] Videl LOVE (Dragon Ball Z) (English)

Another one great day for old Master Roshi – the day when he finally happens to meet gorgeous Videl! As for the story moments which this meeting might be important for then you should check an official storyline but in the world of hentai parodies this means only one thing – new set of bodycurves to squeeze and new set of fuckholes to use for an old (and quite perverted) dude!

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[Yamamoto] Videl VS Spopovich [Uncensored] [Colorized]

Rough battles are not so rare events in the world of “Dragon Ball Z” yet the way that this exact battle between Videl and Spopovich will end up is not something common – instead of finishing her up this huge muscled dude is going to fuck her in front of the audience! Beware that there will be some literally bloody moments and not only because of the fighting scene but also because Videl turns out to be a virgin!

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[Karbo] Dragon Ball Z

Brunette Videl and blonde Android 18 from “DragonBall Z” were going to have some outdoor funtime together when Trunks decided to join them. But if you think that there will be only one stud for two ladies then you will have to count again – being an android comes with certain preferences and our slutty heroine is going to use such preference as becoming a futanari for sure!

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[TSFSingularity (AxlexCima)] The Ginyu Saga! Pt.3 (Dragon Ball Z)

If you want to know why exactly Videl is walking around the school absolutely naked today then probably you should check for the previous chapters of this story yet if you are here to know what is next then get ready for Android 21 who will not only join the story but will also make a huge impact on it! And yes, this impact will be in both fighting and fucking meanings ofcourse!

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The Ginyu Saga

Bulma is in a very worried state. But, she’s not concerned about the dangers or the future of the world. Her main concern is concerned with her sexuality. This situation will only be resolved by Videl who is a long-time friend. Even if not everything will go as you are probably hoping it will…

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Kame-Sennins Ambition II

Vacation of a dream for any DBZ fan out there – to spend hot summer time with Bulma, Launch and Videl! Ofcourse there will be some fighting and brwaling and arguing yet you have nothing to worry about – sooner or later each of these sexy chicks will find herself a hard cock which will bring her the proper satisfaction. One of them might be Master Roshi’s in case if this is important for you for some reason.

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DRAGON AWARD [Takimoto Doujou]

The comics that are parodies will contain a variety of short stories about various characters, but all of the stories will be going by the exact same formula that is a hot hot girl from “Dragon Ball Z” series will dressup as sexy playboy bunny and then be strippeddown and sexually assaulted. Among the sexy bunnies you will meet Chi Chi, Bulma, Launch, Videl and some more!

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The second part of the love triangle between blonde, brunette and handsome. So today this trinity decided to build an orgy in order to understand which of the girls is worthy of being a friend and receiving an award. Girls undress and show their beautiful naked bodies with juicy peaches and tight pussies. Then the girls suck a fat dick and share it among themselves. After that, the handsome man begins to fuck the brunette in her pussy while licking the blonde on the lips. Then they switch positions..

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