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Bulma In Namek (Dragon Ball Z) [Pink Pawg] – english

The hunt for Dragon balls is all great but there are some other spheric shaped objects which some horny guy as Vegeta could happily to chase after… and if your first idea of what we are talking about is Bulma’s big round tits then you are absolutely right! This comics is a story about what else besides dangerous adventures could make two people really close to each other.

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This parody comics is a set of short stories which mostly untied by one main theme – Vegeta gets horny and roughly fucks one or another hot chick form the world of “Dragon Ball Z” series! There will be humor, there will be some plot twists but clearly the most of the fun and joy will be provided by hardcore sex scenes starring your favorites like Bulma or Bra (and someone else)!

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[Hatarakimasen (Oniyuri)] Love Summer (Dragon Ball Z) [English]

Living with Bulma definitely puts certain limitains on Vegeta’s usual way of life… but luckily enough it also comes with certain priveleges! For example when Vegeta can’t spend his energy in the garvitation room he can spend it on a beach where he could not only enjoy the view of almost naked Bulma taking sunbaths but also to have some physical activities with her (if you understand what we mean)…

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[FunsexyDB] Dragon Swap (Dragon Ball Z)

Having sex with two extra hot anime milfs is definitely much better than fucking only one of them and because of this reason the question of swapping Bulma and Chi Chi was just a matter of time… and as you have probably already guessed the time has come! Goku and Vegeta are finally ready to share their sexy ladies with each other so you can expect for some really intense action ahead!

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The First

This parody differs from other parodies. It starts with the main characters having sex, and afterwards, there are some conversations. This comcis will show Vegeta and Bulma, from the “Dragon Ball” and not just engaging in sexual relations, but also trying to communicate and figure out what’s happening between them.

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Vegeta: The paradise in his feet (Chapter 1)

While wandering around Vegeta happens to visit Bura’s room and he does it at a very proper moment of time – looks like Bura is going on a date tonight with a guy that Vegeta has not seen or approved! Ofcourse this is pure lack of discipline so Vegeta is going to act roughly yet barely does he know that Bura knows exactly how to handle situations like this – she will help Vegeta not only to relax but also to get so much needed satisfaction…

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So busty android 18 females and Bulma came to the cafe for lunch. Their old friend came to the same place and they began to communicate. While Bulma is distracted by food android 18 seduces the dude. She touches his crotch with her feet and winks. Then android 18 and the dude go to the toilet to powder their nose. There, a depraved dude rips off clothes from android 18 and starts massaging huge watermelons and licking tight cunt. After that, it’s the turn of wild sex.

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