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[Yamamoto] Bulma and Friends (Dragon Ball) [English] [Decensored]

Being naked in front of few of her acquaintances makes Bulma having no choice but to take care of all the boners her beautiful naked body has created! It’s a bit cheesy however, it’s actually the parody manga of hentai. Bulma turns into a total slut after just a couple of pages. She is covered in a puddle of cum at the end.

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Gohan fucks Chi Chi

Doggystyle sex that is hardcore from Gohan and Chi Chi in this hentai parody comic that looks more like a step-by step guide. It’s not just doggystyle the sex, it’s an actual doggystyle sexual sex! Plus there will be a facial cumshot as the final act, so it is possible to say that this couple are doing lots of things that are fun while no one sees them… other than the fact that you’ve seen them recently of course!

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[Yamamoto]The Evil Brother uncensored

Even though the whole story in this anime universe is revolving around powerfull Dragon Balls there are still some other spheric objects that attracts the attention of male characters nonetheless… and yes, here we are talking about horny Vegeta and his interest in Bulma’s awesome tits! But ofcourse playing with them is just a prelude for much more exciting action scenes!

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[Yamamoto] Mr. Satans Secret Training (Dragon Ball Z) [English]

We are not sure what exactly Mr Satan’s secret training is yet if it provides him with such gorgeous assistant as shown in this parody comics then it is obviously a total success! Because his assistant is not just hot looking redhead with big tits but also a valuable person in everything which is connected with setting up the business schedules or pleasing Mr Satan’s huge cock!

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[Yamamoto] Fight in the 6the Universe !!! [English]

Fighting and fighting and… and fucking ofcourse! Because even the toughest guys and gals from “Dragon Ball Z” universe should take some quality relaxing time and clearly one of the best options is to have a great fucking! And we must say that their lots of energy and lots of sexuality won’t be watsed in vain since most of this comic’s pages they will spend without any clothes!

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Bulma In Namek (Dragon Ball Z) [Pink Pawg] – english

The hunt for Dragon balls is all great but there are some other spheric shaped objects which some horny guy as Vegeta could happily to chase after… and if your first idea of what we are talking about is Bulma’s big round tits then you are absolutely right! This comics is a story about what else besides dangerous adventures could make two people really close to each other.

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[Monkees (YoungJiJii)] Videl LOVE (Dragon Ball Z) (English)

Another one great day for old Master Roshi – the day when he finally happens to meet gorgeous Videl! As for the story moments which this meeting might be important for then you should check an official storyline but in the world of hentai parodies this means only one thing – new set of bodycurves to squeeze and new set of fuckholes to use for an old (and quite perverted) dude!

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[Yamamoto] Mr. Satans Secret Training (Dragon Ball Z)

Sexy redhead with big tits as his personal assitant? It looks like Mr. Satan has found himself the right person for the job! But the proper acting is even more important for the job so he had to train her well. And now we must say that she is completely ready to perform her duties whether it will be to sum up the meetings schedules or serving Mr Satan’s erected monstrous cock!

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Future Sex!! Gohan Bulma

Gohan was always welcomed at the Briefs family house yet now when he has grown into big and strong man the degree of such welcoming from Bulma is going to get through the roof since she is going to not only seduce him but even to let him to fuck her really hard! Probably the only person who won’t be as happy with the upcoming event is Trunks but… screw him – he is not even presenting on the cover page!

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18-gou vs Kame Sennin Android n18 VS Kamesennin

Even in her usual clothes Android 18 looks quite sexy which obviously makes old Master Roshi very and very interested so whenever he gets the chance to literally put his dirty hands on her delicious bodycurves he is definitely going to use it! And sicne this is a hentai parody the outcome of his acting will be different from the usual getting his face slapped and smashed…

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