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[Yamamoto] Bulma and Friends (Dragon Ball) [English] [Decensored]

Being naked in front of few of her acquaintances makes Bulma having no choice but to take care of all the boners her beautiful naked body has created! It’s a bit cheesy however, it’s actually the parody manga of hentai. Bulma turns into a total slut after just a couple of pages. She is covered in a puddle of cum at the end.

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The Kame

As you will see from the first few pages of this parody comics Bulma can handle cock of any size and she will make it to cum sooner than later. Yet if you happen to like some other female character more then just keep reading because more and mroe females of “Dragon Ball Z” series will be gladly joining this ‘satisfy-the-big-hard-cock-as-you-only-can’ maraphone including Chi Chi, Videl and Android 18!

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Motokano Imakano FUCKING BATTLE in Kame House

Today you are going to witness in what kind of a mess can turn a simple sex scene when you allow various characters from “Dragon Ball” series to take parts in it… and ofcourse it will be the best moment of this hentai parody comics at the very same time! It all will start with Maron jumping on Krillin yet soon Android 18 will interfer this little party and a little bit later more guests will arrive!

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Danganball Kanzen Mousou Han 03

Today Chi Chi has decided to remember her superheroic past yet it looks like her silly costume can barely impress anyone these days… except for Master Roshi ofcourse! This old perv would want to fuck barely dressed superheroine for a long time and barely he will get any better chance than this! And since this is a hentai parody comics then he will obviously get what what he desires so much.

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Danganball Kanzen Mousou Han 02

Desperate times takes desperate measures and for such adventurer as Bulma it is not a problem to use her own gorgeous body as a bait for horny Oolong… yet just like with the most adventure stroies the trully exciting part begins when everything goes not as it was planned because only then the reader will get tones of humor, action and hardcore fucking all around! Enjoy!

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This parody comics is a set of short stories which mostly untied by one main theme – Vegeta gets horny and roughly fucks one or another hot chick form the world of “Dragon Ball Z” series! There will be humor, there will be some plot twists but clearly the most of the fun and joy will be provided by hardcore sex scenes starring your favorites like Bulma or Bra (and someone else)!

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[Hatarakimasen (Oniyuri)] Love Summer (Dragon Ball Z) [English]

Living with Bulma definitely puts certain limitains on Vegeta’s usual way of life… but luckily enough it also comes with certain priveleges! For example when Vegeta can’t spend his energy in the garvitation room he can spend it on a beach where he could not only enjoy the view of almost naked Bulma taking sunbaths but also to have some physical activities with her (if you understand what we mean)…

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[Yamamoto] Videl VS Spopovich [Uncensored] [Colorized]

Rough battles are not so rare events in the world of “Dragon Ball Z” yet the way that this exact battle between Videl and Spopovich will end up is not something common – instead of finishing her up this huge muscled dude is going to fuck her in front of the audience! Beware that there will be some literally bloody moments and not only because of the fighting scene but also because Videl turns out to be a virgin!

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DBZ – Bang Bang – Part 2

Bulma and ChiChi are both extra hot milfs from “Dragon Ball Z” universe yet only in hentai parodies like this one here they can trully reveal their sexuality. And they will be revealing it not only to to each other while visiting the bath house together but they will also share some of it with one very lucky guy who was just passing by at the very right place and at the very right moment!

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[Cid IX] Future Affair (Dragon Ball Z)

The guy with dragon tail gets through the protal only to get back to his place and to take some rest… yet it seems this will be the point where all the fun will just begin since when he gets to his room he finds amazing hottie Android 18 there! It looks like she was chasing our guy for a purpose yet what exactly her motives are you will find out only when you will read this parody comics by yourself!

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