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Danganball Kanzen Mousou Han 03

Today Chi Chi has decided to remember her superheroic past yet it looks like her silly costume can barely impress anyone these days… except for Master Roshi ofcourse! This old perv would want to fuck barely dressed superheroine for a long time and barely he will get any better chance than this! And since this is a hentai parody comics then he will obviously get what what he desires so much.

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DBZ – Bang Bang – Part 2

Bulma and ChiChi are both extra hot milfs from “Dragon Ball Z” universe yet only in hentai parodies like this one here they can trully reveal their sexuality. And they will be revealing it not only to to each other while visiting the bath house together but they will also share some of it with one very lucky guy who was just passing by at the very right place and at the very right moment!

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Torawareta 18-Gou [Pyramid House]

The story begins with Abdroid 18 waking up completely naked and being captivated by strange-looking machines! There’s also an enigmatic older man who is sure to do something sexy on her… this is the first of a henati comic and it will focus on these pervy activities as Android 18 discovers her slutty nature!

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