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[SMartDrawings] Ginyus Return! (Dragon Ball Super)

This short parody story begins with busty brunette finding a strange looking frog when she was walking near the pond. Ofcourse this is not an ordinary frog as well as the main heroine is not an ordinary girl – they both are characters from popular anime and manga series “Dragon Ball Z” so you can expect a lot of exciting action up ahead including fighting and masturbation!

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New Technique

So today Master Roshi will give a new workout for the busty Chun Li and show her a movement technique called “Slender Oaks”. To start, Master Roshi comes over to the skhadi and squeezes Chun LI’s big watermelons from behind. Then he makes a couple of movements and the girl becomes naked. What was it!? Master Roshi continues to wave his hands while undressing Chun Li and touching her private parts. Maybe this is a new exercise technique? Read the comic and find the answer.

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