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[Yamamoto] Fight in the 6the Universe !!! [English]

Fighting and fighting and… and fucking ofcourse! Because even the toughest guys and gals from “Dragon Ball Z” universe should take some quality relaxing time and clearly one of the best options is to have a great fucking! And we must say that their lots of energy and lots of sexuality won’t be watsed in vain since most of this comic’s pages they will spend without any clothes!

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Saiyan Love

This is a comic where characters from Dragonball Z will show you their private stories. For example, a couple of lovers have wild sex on a flyover. Busty brunette sucks a fat dick and then jumps on it like a cheap whore from a brothel. Or you will see a young blonde nicknamed “Cocksucker” give a throat blowjob. Different stories, lots of sex, lots of interesting storylines. Don’t waste your time and enjoy the comic right now.

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Battle Tensions

So a busty female with green hair challenged a local wrestler. They go to battle to see who is stronger. In the fight, the girl uses female tricks, for example, shows her breasts or grabs a dude by the dick to win. But the champion is true to himself. He begins to accept this game and rips off her clothes from the girl. And the fight continues with naked fighters. So what’s next. Who will win? Read the comic and you will know the answer.

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(Bermuda art) Kefla vs Android 18

Only the direct confrontation with the danger can trully tell who you are so there is no wonder that only in a fight Kefla and Android 18 will finally reveal their true talents! But probably you already knew about their main talents already sicne both of them are just a couple of extra busty anime sluts who reayd to fuck with anyone or anywhere! But did you knew that one of them is also a futanari?

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