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Additional milk – Chapter 01

Every time when Goten sees Chi Chi’s huge boobs he can think only about tasting her swete milk once again… yet Chi Chi is not going to give it to him just like that – now when Goten is growned up enough to have a solid boner he will have to share his milk with our slutty milf! And even if he doesn’t know how to do it Chi Chi will gladly take him through the basic steps in the following pages.

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Housewife Legitimate

If you’ve ever wondered yourself what Android 18 from “DBZ” appear in the role of a sexy woman who is trying to lure her husband on the evening of a late night, you’ll find all the answers in these vibrant comic! Fufu comes home and finds his favourite blonde dressed up in a very sensual manner. The fun will soon begin with hot sexy scenes with different poses and many shots.

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