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[SMartDrawings] Ginyus Return! (Dragon Ball Super)

This short parody story begins with busty brunette finding a strange looking frog when she was walking near the pond. Ofcourse this is not an ordinary frog as well as the main heroine is not an ordinary girl – they both are characters from popular anime and manga series “Dragon Ball Z” so you can expect a lot of exciting action up ahead including fighting and masturbation!

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[TSFSingularity (AxlexCima)] The Ginyu Saga! Pt.3 (Dragon Ball Z)

If you want to know why exactly Videl is walking around the school absolutely naked today then probably you should check for the previous chapters of this story yet if you are here to know what is next then get ready for Android 21 who will not only join the story but will also make a huge impact on it! And yes, this impact will be in both fighting and fucking meanings ofcourse!

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New Technique

So today Master Roshi will give a new workout for the busty Chun Li and show her a movement technique called “Slender Oaks”. To start, Master Roshi comes over to the skhadi and squeezes Chun LI’s big watermelons from behind. Then he makes a couple of movements and the girl becomes naked. What was it!? Master Roshi continues to wave his hands while undressing Chun Li and touching her private parts. Maybe this is a new exercise technique? Read the comic and find the answer.

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