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[Yamamoto] Bulma and Friends (Dragon Ball) [English] [Decensored]

Being naked in front of few of her acquaintances makes Bulma having no choice but to take care of all the boners her beautiful naked body has created! It’s a bit cheesy however, it’s actually the parody manga of hentai. Bulma turns into a total slut after just a couple of pages. She is covered in a puddle of cum at the end.

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Motokano Imakano FUCKING BATTLE in Kame House

Today you are going to witness in what kind of a mess can turn a simple sex scene when you allow various characters from “Dragon Ball” series to take parts in it… and ofcourse it will be the best moment of this hentai parody comics at the very same time! It all will start with Maron jumping on Krillin yet soon Android 18 will interfer this little party and a little bit later more guests will arrive!

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Danganball Kanzen Mousou Han 02

Desperate times takes desperate measures and for such adventurer as Bulma it is not a problem to use her own gorgeous body as a bait for horny Oolong… yet just like with the most adventure stroies the trully exciting part begins when everything goes not as it was planned because only then the reader will get tones of humor, action and hardcore fucking all around! Enjoy!

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This parody comics is a set of short stories which mostly untied by one main theme – Vegeta gets horny and roughly fucks one or another hot chick form the world of “Dragon Ball Z” series! There will be humor, there will be some plot twists but clearly the most of the fun and joy will be provided by hardcore sex scenes starring your favorites like Bulma or Bra (and someone else)!

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[Yamamoto] Videl VS Spopovich [Uncensored] [Colorized]

Rough battles are not so rare events in the world of “Dragon Ball Z” yet the way that this exact battle between Videl and Spopovich will end up is not something common – instead of finishing her up this huge muscled dude is going to fuck her in front of the audience! Beware that there will be some literally bloody moments and not only because of the fighting scene but also because Videl turns out to be a virgin!

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[Iwasaki Tatsuya] Romantic No 17 (Dragon Ball Z) [English]

Do androids dream about their friends starring in hentai themed dodjinsi? These ones from “Dragon ball” series surely do and even better – they gladly perform some of their kinky ideas into life due to their own special differences! Sounds tricky but you will get the idea once you will start reading this funny and sexy parody manga starring androids number 16, 17 and 18!

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Torawareta 18-Gou [Pyramid House]

The story begins with Abdroid 18 waking up completely naked and being captivated by strange-looking machines! There’s also an enigmatic older man who is sure to do something sexy on her… this is the first of a henati comic and it will focus on these pervy activities as Android 18 discovers her slutty nature!

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NUMBER:18 [Kurione-sha]

How fast can such hottie as Android 18 from “Dragon Ball Z” series to make a guy horny? According to this version of the story the answer is: really fast! And even faster than she will get undressed because just a thought about putting his pervy hands on such wodnerfull tits makes Android 17 horny as hell! And not only him as you will see when you will keep reaidng the story…

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[Emboquo] 21s Experiment (Dragon Ball Z)

Which form of Android 21 do you like more? Not so simple question to give an answer for , right? And we expect you to not giving it at least until you will read this parody comics in which both of Android 21’s forms will be compared in the most ultimate test – the test of hardcore fucking! And yes, you are not retsricted to say that you enjoy both of her forms if you really mean it.

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No. 18 Got Her Figure Stolen by Hypnotism

This summer vacation for Android 18 will be mostly consisting of two main activities – to watch over for kids and to find a way to sneak out to have a really good fucking! Ofcourse there will be a certain reason behind such behavior alternations yet you will find more details in this parody comics . And ofcourse you will find here a lot fo great erotic and hentai scenes!

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