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[Funsexydb] The Switch Up (Dragon Ball Z) [Color] [English]

An entertaining and vibrant story that starts with a miscommunication, but is revealed to be the way to incredible sex for all of the main characters… or at the very least, most of them. The characters are all from the “DragonBall Z” series. This makes the story even more thrilling for the fans of the series, since they know the background of the universe as well as the relationships between them.

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[Echo Saber] HOMERUN [Dragon Ball Z]

Android 18 is not an outstanding sportsman despite the parody comics. She should probably not make any wagers that are related to sports against Krillin. But she is done. Now she must work for the bet she lost during a sloppy baseball match… but this is the most enjoyable and active part of the story gets underway!

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Bulma In Namek (Dragon Ball Z) [Pink Pawg] – english

The hunt for Dragon balls is all great but there are some other spheric shaped objects which some horny guy as Vegeta could happily to chase after… and if your first idea of what we are talking about is Bulma’s big round tits then you are absolutely right! This comics is a story about what else besides dangerous adventures could make two people really close to each other.

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Buus Bodies 1

The relations between Chi Chi and Majin Buu have never been simple but after this meeting they will get on a completely new level due to several transformations – starting from transformation of hatred and revenge into pure lust and ending with transformation of Chi Chi into… and this is where we are planning to intrigue you enough so you would read the comics already!

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Dragon Ball Yamete – Zamasu’s Ambition [Botbot]

While following the adventures of the main characters of “Dragon Ball” series it is quite easy to forget that they are not the only ones who can give some serious ass-whooping. One of such side characters is obviously Chi Chi but there is one more thing that you should know about her – sometimes she gets lonely enough to jump on any hard cock that happens to be nearby… Who will it be today?

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[Gokutrash] Goku reunites with an old friend (Dragon Ball)

Since this story is positioned as a reunion of two old friends then you can expect for som cute, funny and touching moments yet you should also remember that this is also a hentai parody comics so there will be some sexy moments as well! The story itself is pretty short and hentai scenes are not so hentai-ish so you can call this comics an example of very light erotic parody.

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[Nala1588] Desire (Dragon Ball Z)

We all have to pay a proper respect to Bulma’s charms because no matter in how big of a hurry Gohan is she will always make him to stay for a little bit longer. How does she do that? By pleasing his huge hard cock in the ways that no one else could using her amazing round tits, her greedy mouth, her tricky tongue and her wet but still tight enough pussy! Would not you stay either?

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Bulma x Krilin (ENGLISH)

This parody comics may not have the best artstyle in the world but if you are into such anime couple as Bulma and Krillin from “Dragon Ball Z” series then you should check it for sure – not only there will be a lot of sex scenes in a lot of various positions but Bulma will make Krillin to cum more than once during the story! English version of the comics with few sketches added.

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[Zone] Gero's Lab

Ok, lets take a look… New batteries are set… All the right buttons are pushed… and here Android 18 is operational again! Yet what will happen next with her in the secret cave of some old pervert is something that she would probably prefer to go through still staying unconsciouss. Luckily enough the help is on the way! But ofcoure since it is a hentai paordy the helping part is going to be quite strange as well…

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[Nearphotison] Fire Mountain Bliss (Dragonball Z)

Quiet and calm evening at Chi Chi’s house is about to get interrupted by the unexpected visit of Trunks… yet as we will see soon enough this visit will definitely tun out something much better for Chi Chi since she was in need for a big hard cock for a long time already! And you can be sure that Trunks is going to provide her with more than his cock because he doesn’t mind to lick up a hole that he is going to destroy next…

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