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[Funsexydb] The Switch Up (Dragon Ball Z) [Color] [English]

An entertaining and vibrant story that starts with a miscommunication, but is revealed to be the way to incredible sex for all of the main characters… or at the very least, most of them. The characters are all from the “DragonBall Z” series. This makes the story even more thrilling for the fans of the series, since they know the background of the universe as well as the relationships between them.

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Gohan fucks Chi Chi

Doggystyle sex that is hardcore from Gohan and Chi Chi in this hentai parody comic that looks more like a step-by step guide. It’s not just doggystyle the sex, it’s an actual doggystyle sexual sex! Plus there will be a facial cumshot as the final act, so it is possible to say that this couple are doing lots of things that are fun while no one sees them… other than the fact that you’ve seen them recently of course!

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[Yamamoto] Fight in the 6the Universe !!! [English]

Fighting and fighting and… and fucking ofcourse! Because even the toughest guys and gals from “Dragon Ball Z” universe should take some quality relaxing time and clearly one of the best options is to have a great fucking! And we must say that their lots of energy and lots of sexuality won’t be watsed in vain since most of this comic’s pages they will spend without any clothes!

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Dragon Ball Yamete – Zamasu’s Ambition [Botbot]

While following the adventures of the main characters of “Dragon Ball” series it is quite easy to forget that they are not the only ones who can give some serious ass-whooping. One of such side characters is obviously Chi Chi but there is one more thing that you should know about her – sometimes she gets lonely enough to jump on any hard cock that happens to be nearby… Who will it be today?

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18-gou vs Kame Sennin Android n18 VS Kamesennin

Even in her usual clothes Android 18 looks quite sexy which obviously makes old Master Roshi very and very interested so whenever he gets the chance to literally put his dirty hands on her delicious bodycurves he is definitely going to use it! And sicne this is a hentai parody the outcome of his acting will be different from the usual getting his face slapped and smashed…

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[Nearphotison] Fire Mountain Bliss (Dragonball Z)

Quiet and calm evening at Chi Chi’s house is about to get interrupted by the unexpected visit of Trunks… yet as we will see soon enough this visit will definitely tun out something much better for Chi Chi since she was in need for a big hard cock for a long time already! And you can be sure that Trunks is going to provide her with more than his cock because he doesn’t mind to lick up a hole that he is going to destroy next…

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BITCH GIRLFRIEND (Dragon Ball Z) [English] [Decensored]

Probably these old shags are right and if Maron wants to get herself a good husband then she should stop wearing this slutty (accoridng to their opinion) swimsuit all around… but the tricky part here is that Maron is not looking for a husband and what she is looking for is a big hard cock to fuck with! And clearly with this set of goals her swimsuit becomes extra helpful!

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18-gou-san to Ayashii Massage-ya-san (Dragon Ball Z) [English]

This parody comics is a step by step instruction of performing an ideal massage session in the world of “Dragon Ball Z” anime and starring non other than Android 18! But don’t worry – the massage part will be quite limited because the path from grabbing and squeezing Android 18’s big round boobies to getting a boner is very short so the real fun part will begin quite soon!

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Saiyan Love

This is a comic where characters from Dragonball Z will show you their private stories. For example, a couple of lovers have wild sex on a flyover. Busty brunette sucks a fat dick and then jumps on it like a cheap whore from a brothel. Or you will see a young blonde nicknamed “Cocksucker” give a throat blowjob. Different stories, lots of sex, lots of interesting storylines. Don’t waste your time and enjoy the comic right now.

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[Yamamoto] Android n18 VS Kamesennin (English)(Colorized)

Once Android 18 and Master Roshi have stayed in his beach cabin all alone the situation began to escalate really quick – from grabbing and grouping her wonderful bodycurves to burying face and cock into her tits and pussy it has taken just a few pages! And there will be a lot of pages ahead so don’t be surprised if Master Roshi will turn Android 18 into his personal bitch by the end of the story!

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