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Additional Milk Ch. 2: Unknown Cougar (Dragon Ball Z) [Italian]

DBZ’s most famous hotties Bulma and Chi Chi were planning to have a girls night out yet the enexpected meeting in the city has provided them with Gohan’s company. Yet neither them or you have nothing to worry about because as we will see a little bit later this meeting will end up in a great threesome fun till morning which is defintiely much better than any chattings!

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Danganball Kanzen Mousou Han 03

Today Chi Chi has decided to remember her superheroic past yet it looks like her silly costume can barely impress anyone these days… except for Master Roshi ofcourse! This old perv would want to fuck barely dressed superheroine for a long time and barely he will get any better chance than this! And since this is a hentai parody comics then he will obviously get what what he desires so much.

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[Yamamoto] Videl VS Spopovich [Uncensored] [Colorized]

Rough battles are not so rare events in the world of “Dragon Ball Z” yet the way that this exact battle between Videl and Spopovich will end up is not something common – instead of finishing her up this huge muscled dude is going to fuck her in front of the audience! Beware that there will be some literally bloody moments and not only because of the fighting scene but also because Videl turns out to be a virgin!

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[Karbo] Dragon Ball Z

Brunette Videl and blonde Android 18 from “DragonBall Z” were going to have some outdoor funtime together when Trunks decided to join them. But if you think that there will be only one stud for two ladies then you will have to count again – being an android comes with certain preferences and our slutty heroine is going to use such preference as becoming a futanari for sure!

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[Kaputo 99] Extra Milk Ch.1 [English]

Chi Chi is one busty and still sexy-looking milf therefore if you think because of the “extra milk” that is mentioned in the title, we are covering sexually explicit themes then you are absolutely right! The comic is a parody of hentai. It will show Chi Chi sunbathing with a tiny bikini. Of of course, this kind of thing couldn’t go unnoticed by the man living in the house.

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