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Additional milk – Chapter 01

Every time when Goten sees Chi Chi’s huge boobs he can think only about tasting her swete milk once again… yet Chi Chi is not going to give it to him just like that – now when Goten is growned up enough to have a solid boner he will have to share his milk with our slutty milf! And even if he doesn’t know how to do it Chi Chi will gladly take him through the basic steps in the following pages.

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[Hatarakimasen (Oniyuri)] Love Summer (Dragon Ball Z) [English]

Living with Bulma definitely puts certain limitains on Vegeta’s usual way of life… but luckily enough it also comes with certain priveleges! For example when Vegeta can’t spend his energy in the garvitation room he can spend it on a beach where he could not only enjoy the view of almost naked Bulma taking sunbaths but also to have some physical activities with her (if you understand what we mean)…

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[Kaputo 99] Extra Milk Ch.1 [English]

Chi Chi is one busty and still sexy-looking milf therefore if you think because of the “extra milk” that is mentioned in the title, we are covering sexually explicit themes then you are absolutely right! The comic is a parody of hentai. It will show Chi Chi sunbathing with a tiny bikini. Of of course, this kind of thing couldn’t go unnoticed by the man living in the house.

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