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Torawareta 18-Gou [Pyramid House]

The story begins with Abdroid 18 waking up completely naked and being captivated by strange-looking machines! There’s also an enigmatic older man who is sure to do something sexy on her… this is the first of a henati comic and it will focus on these pervy activities as Android 18 discovers her slutty nature!

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[Cid IX] Future Affair (Dragon Ball Z)

The guy with dragon tail gets through the protal only to get back to his place and to take some rest… yet it seems this will be the point where all the fun will just begin since when he gets to his room he finds amazing hottie Android 18 there! It looks like she was chasing our guy for a purpose yet what exactly her motives are you will find out only when you will read this parody comics by yourself!

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Fred Perry – Krillin, I want Seconds!(Dragonball Z)(complete)

It may seem that the bigger the flow of sperm that is dripping out from Android 18’s recently fucked pussy the more horny she gets… or is it Krillin the one who makes her so horny time after time? But no matter what the truth is the main fact stays the same – Android 18 and Krillin are fucking like rabbits and they are not going to stop even after you will finish reading this parody comics!

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18-gou-san to Ayashii Massage-ya-san (Dragon Ball Z) [English]

This parody comics is a step by step instruction of performing an ideal massage session in the world of “Dragon Ball Z” anime and starring non other than Android 18! But don’t worry – the massage part will be quite limited because the path from grabbing and squeezing Android 18’s big round boobies to getting a boner is very short so the real fun part will begin quite soon!

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Housewife Legitimate

If you’ve ever wondered yourself what Android 18 from “DBZ” appear in the role of a sexy woman who is trying to lure her husband on the evening of a late night, you’ll find all the answers in these vibrant comic! Fufu comes home and finds his favourite blonde dressed up in a very sensual manner. The fun will soon begin with hot sexy scenes with different poses and many shots.

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[Yamamoto] Android n18 VS Kamesennin (English)(Colorized)

Once Android 18 and Master Roshi have stayed in his beach cabin all alone the situation began to escalate really quick – from grabbing and grouping her wonderful bodycurves to burying face and cock into her tits and pussy it has taken just a few pages! And there will be a lot of pages ahead so don’t be surprised if Master Roshi will turn Android 18 into his personal bitch by the end of the story!

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NUMBER:18 [Kurione-sha]

How fast can such hottie as Android 18 from “Dragon Ball Z” series to make a guy horny? According to this version of the story the answer is: really fast! And even faster than she will get undressed because just a thought about putting his pervy hands on such wodnerfull tits makes Android 17 horny as hell! And not only him as you will see when you will keep reaidng the story…

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[Nisego] The Luckiest Earthling Warrior Doujin (Dragon Ball Z)

Seeing extra hot blondie having great time on a beach in a tiny bikini swimsuit can affect any guy in a quite certain way so we assume that you totally understand what does Krillin feel when he sees how sexy does Android 18 look when she is dressed in mostly sun beams and small pieces of fabric! And you also can guess what will happen between them next since this comics belongs to hentai parody genre!

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Android 18 NTR Zero

Another adventure of a busty MILF named Android 18. She met a teenager and decided to play pranks a little. After eating pizza, the couple goes to the room. There, Android 18 takes off her jeans and T-shirt to show the boy her luscious figure. Then she dances closer and starts stroking her lover’s fat sausage with her hands. Then Android 18 gets on the dick and starts riding it like a rodeo. And this is just the beginning of their intimate date.

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Story Hen

Busty blonde Android 18 and her boyfriend went for a walk in the woods. They chat and enjoy the warm air and birdsong. Entering the forest glade, Android 18 decides to relax a bit and have sex. She calls the guy to come over and then starts licking his dick and massaging his big balls. After that, the dude licks Android 18 of her tight and pink cunt, letting her get wet. And then fucks Android 18, bringing her to multiple orgasms.

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